ADCURAM Acquires Majority of BIEN-Zenker AG Shares

With effect from September 30, the ADCURAM Fertighaus Technik Holding AG, a company of the ADCURAM Group AG, has concluded and announced its majority takeover of the publicly owned manufacturer of prefabricated building components, BIEN-ZENKER AG, located in Schlüchtern. The shares were purchased from the ELK Fertighaus AG, Schremps, Austria.

With annual sales worth 115 million euros, 425 employees, and 550 sold houses (detached and semi-detached), BIEN-ZENKER AG is one of the leading providers of industrially prefabricated building components in Germany.

The attorneys of TRACC LEGAL, having assisted the industrial holding ADCURAM with its acquisitions for almost ten years, handled the legal aspects of this transaction on ADCURAM’s behalf.