ADCURAM acquires Hanse Haus

Munich-based industrial holding ADCURAM, already invested in BIEN-Zenker, a leading German manufacturer of prefabricated houses, acquired Hanse Haus GmbH, effective 6 November 2014 from Bayerische Hausbau.

Since its establishment in 1929, Hanse Haus has built more than 30.000 prefabricated houses in Germany and abroad. From 1978 on, Hanse Haus was a subsidiary of Bayerische Hausbau, and thus belonging to the Munich-based Schörghuber Group. Beside Germany, the core markets of Hanse Haus also comprise Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and Italy.

As a new subsidiary of ADCURAM and thus related to BIEN-Zenker, Hanse Haus strongly intends to extent its business activities and to strengthen its competitive position. At the same time Hanse Haus will act as independent and stand-alone enterprise in the market.

With Dr. Thomas Lotz in charge, TRACC LEGAL took responsibility for ADCURAM in negotiating the sale and purchase agreement with Bayerische Hausbau.