ADCURAM purchases assembly part division from Haas-Group

With sale and purchase agreement dating October 29, 2015, Haas-Group sold its complete assembly part division to ADCURAM. The sale, which is still subject to the consent of the cartel authorities, comprises the business units Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren, Hoco Fenster und Türen as well as Wo&Wo Sonnenlichtdesign. Combining some 800 employees these business units generate a yearly turnover of more than EUR 100 Mio.

By the financial and strategic backup of ADCURAM as new owner the assembly part division gains the opportunity to improve and to further expand its activities.

Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren, founded 1920, is a full line distributor of windows, front doors as well as shadowing systems with a staff of about 300 at its site located in Neukirchen vorm Wald. Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren is one of the market leaders in high quality front doors.

Hoco Fenster und Türen concentrates its activities in the manufacturing and distribution of windows, front doors and shadowing systems as a one-stop-shop. Founded more than 30 years ago, this old-established company operates its business with some 250 employees in Germany (Eggenfelden), Austria and Italy.

With a staff of some 300 Wo&Wo Sonnenlichtdesign located in Graz/Austria acts as specialized trade partner in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France and Switzerland. The range of Wo&Wo Sonnenlichtdesign as a full line distributor contains blinds, venation blinds, roller blinds, bug protection as well as inside (sun-)blinds. Wo&Wo Sonnenlichtdesign was founded in 1952 as a commercial enterprise.

Dr. Thorsten Steinhaus (in charge) and Dr. Thomas Lotz of TRACC LEGAL advised ADCURAM during this complex transaction. ADCURAM was further advised by attorney at law Bert Ortner (Fiebinger Polak Leon Rechtsanwälte, Vienna) and attorney at law Christian Böcker (inhouse). Haas-Group was advised by attorney at law Dr. Karsten Geschwandtner (KPMG) and Dr. Christoph Engel (inhouse).