ADCURAM acquires Garbe Group in Berlin

ADCURAM Group AG, a leading industrial holding company based in Munich, has acquired the Garbe-Gruppe. With some 370 employees, the Berlin-based company is one of the leading construction service providers in the German capital and the surrounding region, specializing in complex demolition projects, pollutant remediation and recycling of building material.

Garbe-Gruppe includes RWG I/ Schicht Baustoffaufbereitung Logistik + Entsorgung GmbH, RWG I Abbruch und Tiefbau GmbH, SSR Schadstoffsanierung Rostock GmbH and Eckhard Garbe GmbH, which is engaged in gardening and landscaping.

The transaction is part of the succession process of founder and managing director Eckhard Garbe and will be the beginning of a reorganization of the business.

The new main shareholder ADCURAM wants to strengthen and expand the leading market position of the group. To this end, the existing service portfolio of Garbe will also be expanded.

TRACC LEGAL advised ADCURAM on the acquisition under the leadership of attorney Dr. Thorsten Steinhaus. The sellers were advised by the Berlin law firm Metschke & Metschke (attorney Sven Metschke). TRACC LEGAL has been advising ADCURAM Group AG on transactions for fifteen years.