Intellectual Property & Competition Law

Protection of Intangible Assets

Trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property rights can account for substantial asset values in companies of all types and sizes. It is our job to actively support our clients in securing and strategically developing such rights. Moreover, we assist our clients with claims related to trademark law, copyright and competition law as well as the field of other distinctive signs (trade names, business signs, work titles, and domain names), and personality rights (e.g. the right to a person’s name and likeness). Moreover, we scrutinize and issue cease-and-desist orders and declarations, coexistence agreements, and prior rights agreements. If the situation calls for it, we assert our clients’ claims arising from infringements of intellectual property rights or violation of competition law via interim legal protection.

We scrutinize and set out license agreements with respect to the entire field of industrial property law and copyright (including software and internet law). Another key aspect of our service is the protection of our clients’ technical and operative know-how through license, competition, and non-disclosure agreements.

Contact: RA Dr. Steinhaus