Restructuring / Recapitalization / Bankruptcy

Crisis Management

Based on attorney Dr. Lotz’s close to ten years’ experience as a bankruptcy trustee, we at TRACC Legal consider it a key component of our transaction services to assist our clients with restructuring and recapitalization matters. Our focus lies on consultation regarding the purchase or sale of companies either in need of recapitalization or in the mist of bankruptcy proceedings. We follow up by walking our client through the recapitalization process, applying our expertise in the cross-section between bankruptcy and corporate law.

Within the context of recapitalization and restructuring, we also specialize in designing strategies to prevent bankruptcy as well as setting out, negotiating, and implementing concepts for debt conversion and refinancing; moreover, we implement insolvency plans for the transfer of business and staff, conduct well-structured liquidations, and, if need be, file for bankruptcy.We advise managers, shareholders, and creditors in all matters involving capital raising, capital maintenance, equity substitution, and prevention of transactions voidable under bankruptcy legislation. Once the bankruptcy case has commenced, we assist management, shareholders, or creditors in their dealings with the bankruptcy trustee.

Contact: RA Dr. Lotz, RA Schiermeyer