STRATEC acquires the BioSciences business from Sony

Sony DADC Austria AG, a leading high-precision optical disc manufacturer, has sold Sony DADC BioSciences GmbH to STRATEC Biomedical AG, Birkenfeld, Germany. The respective purchase agreement was signed on June 8, 2016, based on a company valuation exceeding EUR 30 Mio. The parties expect to complete the transaction during the third quarter 2016 at the latest. Continue reading

ROBUR-Group acquires WIR GmbH

The Munich based ROBUR GROUP expands its core business by acquiring “WIR GmbH Wartung-Industriemontagen-Reinigung” with corporate seat in Gundelsheim. WIR is a worldwide operating mid-sized enterprise specialized in installing machines and machine parks. The scope of its business and services ranges from the dismantling, worldwide relocation up to the maintenance and retrofitting of machinery and whole industry facilities. As regards transportation WIR organizes the whole logistics chain including all formalities like freight and customs clearance.

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ADCURAM sells Hennecke Group to Capvis

The Munich-based industrial holding ADCURAM has sold Hennecke Group to Swiss-based financial investor Capvis Private Equity Partners AG. Hennecke is the global technology and innovation leader in the field of developing and constructing machinery and equipment used for the processing of Polyurethane. The transaction is subject to approval by the competent merger control authorities. Continue reading

ADCURAM purchases assembly part division from Haas-Group

With sale and purchase agreement dating October 29, 2015, Haas-Group sold its complete assembly part division to ADCURAM. The sale, which is still subject to the consent of the cartel authorities, comprises the business units Bayerwald Fenster und Haustüren, Hoco Fenster und Türen as well as Wo&Wo Sonnenlichtdesign. Combining some 800 employees these business units generate a yearly turnover of more than EUR 100 Mio. Continue reading

Quantum Capital Partners takes over Lang bakery shops chain

Max Lang Bäckerei-Konditorei GmbH & Co. KG and Bäckerschmiede GmbH, both with headquarter and production site in Freiberg / Neckar, are under new ownership. A group of investors under the leadership of Quantum Capital Partners AG, Munich, has acquired the multiple store enterprise of Lang bakery in the context of an insolvency proceeding. The previous owners of the companies hold a minority share. Continue reading